Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dukan Diary Entry #5

Well, as mentioned earlier, our weight loss has been coming along slowly but surely.  The male half of this couple is looking great, love handles are slimming down (although they weren't bad at all).  The female half of this couple still has about 12.5 pounds to lose to reach her goal, but if she drops down to a size 5 or 6, she'd be really happy and amazed.

We both lost another pound this week.  The female is the one keeping track of her weight and she's lost 7.5 pounds since starting Dukan back at the beginning of July.  We actually started to lower our carb and sugar intake back in June, so counting weight lost in June, the total would be around 9 pounds lost!

Friday night was a challenge.  We got home late and were both tired from work so we put the cooking plans aside and decided to take out.  Most of the restaurants in our area close pretty early, some even close at 7:30PM!  After we mulled over the menus in our drawer and figured out we couldn't eat most of what was available, we were almost going to grab salads from McDonald's or drive all the way into town to get our favorite, Lemon Beef Salad from a local Vietnamese restaurant.  Luckily, the male half of this couple remembered a new restaurant opened up right down the street so we thought we'd give it a try.

The restaurant is called Grylt in the Manoa Marketplace.  It's actually a healthier fast food restaurant, although they were anything but fast on Friday night.  We got there around 8PM and there were three other people in front of us (with two others waiting for their food).  The food choices are limited, but healthy.  You choose your greens, if you want an entree or a sandwich and if you want an entree you can either have a starch or extra greens.   We both tried the seared ahi which was pretty good even though you can tell it was a previously frozen piece of fish.  It was cooked to perfection and they give you a very generous portion of fish.  The gal in front of us got a very generous portion of grilled tofu too.  We tried the Caesar salad which they grill also....heavenly!  The prices were reasonable for the fish dish, but we didn't get to see how much beef they give on the $10 plate.   As mentioned, the service was very slow.  There were 4 people there, but the cashier is just that, a cashier, she doesn't get involved in anything else.  There was even a gentlemen in a chef's uniform.  We'd definitely try this place again.  Sorry, we were starving, so we forgot to take photos of the food!

The rest of the weekend we cooked, so sticking to the Dukan diet was no problem.  We tried making some hazelnut ganache cups, but we put too much non-fat half-and-half, so we'll need to try that recipe again this coming weekend.  Will be posting some recipes this coming week.

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